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What is Kalyan Satta

Kalyan Satta is a form of betting that originated in India. The term Satta Matka has been popularly used for various types of betting in India. Kalyan Satta is one of its types. We will shortly discuss everything you want to know, so keep reading.

How to Play It?

Kalyan is similar to the other types of matka satta games. It is a betting game based on number systems. If you guess the correct numbers of pairs of numbers, win the game. It shares similarities with the renowned lotto game.

The Kalyan Matka Satta game is played between two players, and the players are supposed to choose three numbers between 0 and 9. These three chosen numbers are then added together, and whatever number they added up to, only the second digit of that number is jotted down with the initial three chosen numbers. This leaves the bettor with four numbers. Then, they must bet on the likelihood number of sequences appearing or being selected from the pot.

However, the players must decide the amount they would like to bet, which can range from 1 rupee to 1000 rupees. The winning prize also varies depending on the amount of the bet. This betting game is available in both online and offline modes.

How to Read the Kalyan Chart?

Each row in the Kalyan Chart represents a week, from Monday to Saturday. The columns of the charts represent the days of the week. The oldest or the first week of the chart is always on the top, and the recent week is always on the last bottom row. On the left column of the panel is the opening market, also called Kalyan Open, and on the right is the closing market, also called Kalyan Close.

Some Terminologies of the Game:

  • Single:Numbers ranging from 0-9 are called singles.
  • Jodi or Pair: A pair of two digits is called a Jodi in matka guessing games. The numbers range from 00-99.
  • Berij:The last digit of the result of the Jodi or pair.
  • Farak:The difference of the numbers from that of close result to open result. E.g., If the Jodi/pair is 85, 8–5, the farak will be 3.

What are the Fees and Payout Processes?

About 5 per cent commission on winning wagers is taken by the booking managers of these matka guessing games, and the remainder is used to pay the bettors. The payments range from 9 to 9999. You can increase the stakes if you are confident in your digits and number-guessing skills. If you choose odds of 90, you will receive about ninety times on your first wager.


The satta matta matka games of today’s world have advanced rapidly. They have made online betting a smooth and hassle-free experience for their beloved bettors. They have introduced safe and secure payment portals to ensure smooth transactions. These online betting sites have become the quickest way to earn some profits. However, it is essential to remember that success rates are often run by chance. Hence bets should be placed rooted in reality.

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