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Which Slots Games are Popular in CosmoSlotsVIP

CosmoSlots VIP is a highly-regarded social casino gaming platform that offers an exciting and unique gaming experience. Expert professionals have crafted the games and their features to provide attractive layouts and graphics that draw players in and keep them engaged with the lucky leprechaun slot theme. With immersive sound effects and creative game characters, each online slot game is filled with an adrenaline rush that adds to the thrill of playing and gives players the chance to win big prizes. CosmoSlots VIP delivers a 360-degree entertainment experience.

CosmoSlots VIP consists of a variety of online slots, jackpot, keno, and fish games. Players across the U.S. and Canada love to play games on the platform. Amongst the wide collection of games, BallFire Keno, Soccer Champion, and Lepre’s Lucky Rainbow are the three most played games by online casino lovers. Let’s explore the top three best slot game to play online casino at CosmoSlots VIP:

Lepre’s Lucky Rainbow

Fairy-like supernatural beings, Leprechauns, are very famous in Irish folklore. This character is generally described as a small creature with a beard and wearing a green coat & hat, and they are often characterized as mischievous monsters. The origin of the Anglo-Irish Leprechaun is the Old Irish word luchorpán, which translates to “tiny body.”

The Lepre’s Lucky Rainbow provides you with a luck-oriented bonus game. The core of the game is luck, and it will be based on a fantasy theme, since the Leprechaun is like a fairy and conceals the gold behind a rainbow. This bonus game is the key surprise factor of the game, which will transport you to a realm of luck and fortune.

The game Lepre’s Lucky Rainbow is an exciting luck-based bonus feature, created based on two facts: the leprechauns’ habit of hiding their gold at the end of the rainbow, and their offer of three wishes to a human in exchange for their freedom.

In this bonus game, the Leprechaun will be presented on the screen, and the player will be given three chances to make it to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Luck will determine whether the player gets the Jackpot or not, and you will have three opportunities to try your luck.


Soccer Champions is a remarkable online slot game based on a global Football theme. This game is specifically designed for players who are football/soccer enthusiasts. We understand the sad feeling you get when your favorite Champions League ends and you have nothing else to do than miss your favorite g. To your rescue, we have got you some interesting games to be played online with a chance of winning real money.

The Soccer Champion game is a unique and captivating experience that allows you to show your support for your favorite soccer player. With its innovative and thrilling twists, it’s sure to keep you glued to your screen. Every move, every goal, and every play is full of anticipation and excitement, giving you the chance to be part of the action. This game is not only fun, but it also allows you to be creative and explore the possibilities of what a great soccer match can be. Whether you’re a fan of the sport or just want to get into the spirit of the game, Soccer Champion is sure to provide an entertaining and engaging experience that you won’t forget. So don’t miss out! Get ready to join the action and become a Soccer Champion.

Soccer fever slot is an ideal choice for those passionate about sports, providing an exhilarating experience like no other. With its captivating visuals and realistic sound effects, players can feel as if they are sitting in a stadium surrounded by a roaring crowd. The immersive atmosphere makes it easy to get lost in the game, with each spin providing an adrenaline rush like no other. For those looking to get the rush of their favorite sport in the comfort of their own home, Soccer fever slot is the perfect casino game.

Players across the U.S. and Canada love playing Soccer Champion as it comes with exciting features and gives them a chance to win real money.  You can make the most of the Free Spins, Jackpot Features, Bonus Game, Mega Win, and several other features on our game Soccer Champion.

Ball Fire Keno

Keno has been a beloved game for centuries and is now played by millions of players across the globe. Combining elements of lottery and bingo, it is a simple game to learn and play, making it ideal for those who are just starting out or looking for a casual online social casino game. What’s more, it has the potential to bring in huge rewards, making it even more attractive.

The odds of matching all of the numbers selected in KENO can vary greatly depending on the numbers chosen and the number of numbers drawn. The chances of hitting the jackpot are usually slim, meaning that the game is mainly based on luck. Some states mandate that a certain percentage of the total money bet be returned to players, so it is not always possible to guarantee a win. However, with the right strategy and a bit of luck, it is still possible to come out on top and walk away with a profit.

FireBall Keno also consists of a luck-based bonus game titled “Fireballs.” This bonus game runs on the following features:

  • To trigger the Extra Feature, the player must select 5 numbers.
  • If a minimum of 3 to 4 selected numbers and the last drawn ball matches with the player’s selection, it will trigger the Extra feature.
  • 1 to 10 numbers are displayed on the screen.
  • On the screen, the players must choose three numbers.
  • A certain number of tokens will be rewarded if any one number matches the player’s selection.
  • If two balls match, the user will get Double (X2) the amount of Win.
  • A huge number of tokens will be rewarded if all the number matches the player’s selection.
  • The extra feature will be activated If the last drawn ball matches with any one of the selected balls, The additional function grants the user one bonus feature.
  • If there are three-ball matches, the victory is tripled for the user.
  • If the last drawn ball matches with any one of the selected balls, an animation of the ball firing will appear in the glass tube portion.
  • The rotating fireball animation will play here while it’s appearing.
  • If the fireball strikes any player’s selected ball, the selected number becomes a firebox.

Summing Up

CosmoSlots VIP consists of a wide range of games just like the ones mentioned above. Start playing on CosmoSlots VIP to play more such amazing online slots games.

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